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IT Support & Computer Repairs for Programmable Logic & Artificial Intelligence
Xilinx introduces Spartan II, a low-cost FPGA family targetted for ASIC replacement. Spartan II appears to be derived from the popular Xilinx Virtex architecture.

Being Analog in a Digital World…You need IT Support for your business
Lattice Semiconductor introduces a family of in-system programmable analog devices called ispPAC. Though previous attempts by Motorola and IMP failed, both Lattice and Fast Analog Solutions have introduced second-generation products in this important “analog FPGA” category.

EE Times reports that DynaChip has ceased operations. Xilinx acquired most of DynaChip’s patents on high-speed interconnect..

The Clash of the Titans Continues…
First, they raced to 1 million gates and the 0.25µ process. Now, they are racing to 2 million gates and beyond on new, blazingly fast 0.18µ processes. The battle between Xilinx (Virtex) and Altera (Apex) makes the Intel/AMD clash of years past look like a kindergarten fight.

Atmel launches FPSLIC, a device family containing an embedded AVR microcontroller, on-chip SRAM, and embedded AT40K-style FPGA logic. Atmel’s FPSLIC adds to the growing list of configurable system-on-a-chip devices, including Triscend’s E5 family and the yet-to-be-announced devices from Chameleon Systems.

In a joint announcement, Cypress Semiconductor acquires Altera‘s interest to their MAX5000 CPLD family. Cypress was already fabricating the devices for Altera and Cypress will continue to market the devices as their MAX340 product line.

Altera announces plans for a low-cost, moderate-density family called ACE, based on 0.18µ process technology.

As anticipated, Atmel announces embedded FPGA cores for building system-on-chip designs using their AT40K FPGA architecture. The announcement follows on the heels of LSI Logic’s recent similar announcement (next article).

LSI Logic introduces an embedded FPGA core for their CoreWare ASIC library. The FPGA-like architecture is licensed from a new intellectual property (IP) provider called Adaptive Silicon, Inc. Adaptive Silicon includes many of the key members from National Semiconductor’s long-ignored NAPA development group. LSI Logic’s introduction is the first of many similar efforts expected in the coming months.

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